Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things that make me laugh

Yes I do laugh, probably not as much as I used to. My motto is if you have a choice of whether to laugh or cry, choose to laugh. Sara was laughing at me the other day, and said why don't you post something humorous. Post something that shows that you are not a baptist nun, if there is such a thing. So I will try to redeem myself in this post. So here we go, dear Sara you make me laugh, you may not know it always, but when you come in and your hair is all askew, your glasses are fogged up from the cold, and say the tractor tire is flat for the eighth time in a row. I bite my lip, because what else can a person do? It is just crazy to have the same tire go flat eight times and the tire store, says it is a perfectly good tire and that you do not need a new one. So you "make" them sell you a new tire, and brought the old tire home and counted nine patches and two holes. You were right, we definitely needed a new tire, and your triumphant toss of your head, made me laugh.
My Uncle, makes me laugh when he talks about "Missouri" drivers, that have to be the Worst in the country. He complains, they drive in the turn lane, one must turn in the turn lane and not drive in the turn lane. Then all the people that just pull out in front of him, causing near mishaps. Stupid, he says, just plain stupid. Also I got a full discourse of proper Ambulance etiquette, on five lanes of traffic, Lord help me if I am ever in six or seven lanes. Think I will stay home, we only have two lane cow paths here.
Occasionally, my neighbor's make me laugh. One Mennonite woman called here looking for her husband, she described him, He had a beard, and wore a cap and overalls, so did the other twenty five men that were here. Mennonites on cell phones, two boys, riding in a tractor with a cab, both on cell phones. Surely they weren't talking to each other ? It just was funny to me.
Family members, can be so funny, like the time when one of our honey bees stung my sister's dog Elsa, she marched in the house and wanted a can of Raid, she wanted to wipe out the "Melosovitch" hive. Or the time, I caught Sara, going to the chicken house with oven mitts to gather eggs, she didn't want to get pecked. Or when, my Aunt decided to mow the lawn, with my Uncles riding lawn mower. She put it in high gear and let out the clutch to fast and went off backwards and the mower was just going all over the place. I was doubled over laughing. She wasn't hurt, and somehow we got the mower stopped, but I still chuckle over the memory.
I even make myself laugh, every now and then I just break out in a freaky mood. Sometimes when I am on the tractor, I go in circles and tell Sara I have circling disease, it makes her laugh. Or when I am on the lawnmower, I put out my arms and pretend I am flying, that usually gets a chuckle from someone. I am thankful for oranges, so the worry of getting scurvy is put off, for at least the holiday season. My Tiny Tim impression needs work, but I am faithful to practice, my fake antlers are bent and leaves the impression I am not quite right in my upper story. Kodi, got my old ones, but Sara found me some that are quite lovely. The time, when the phone company was working on our phone, and called to make sure it was the right number, I answered the phone" Nelly Nose Pickers residence", " Nelly speaking", I was quite young, and the next time they called everything was in order. But I laughed, and never did it again. When we had Holsteins, I outlined some of them in orange marker stick, and then wrote messages on them, for when Mom milked in the morning. There is always fun to be had, if you look hard enough. I need to look at happier side of life, thanks Sara for reminding me.


  1. We can't help we have a unique sense of humor. :) I BTW do figure 8's in the driveway... Just remember, Mr. P is on the same wave link. We can't be all bad. :)

    And yes this made me laugh... 143!!!!!!

  2. The image of orange outlined Holsteins made me laugh.

  3. Okay - I fit right in. Imagine that! Oh my. You all have a wonderful blessed happy and everything good I can think of Merry Christmas. I'm thanking God for miracles and pushing right along behind and alongside ya in prayer. Okay, maybe I'm not "pushing" ... but you know what I mean. You all give each other a hug from me to you. Love y'all - Jenn