Friday, February 19, 2010

My Last Post

I am new to all this blogging, and frankly it is to hard to put my thoughts down in journal let alone in a sphere for everyone to see. Times of late, have been more than I can bear, to write it down in my journal, somehow makes it real. I loose the bubble effect, like this cannot really be happening, but it is. Sara asked me to smile today, I think, or maybe, I do not think, or maybe I cannot think anymore, it just made me think. What a miserable failure I am, in every area of my life, everyone in this world has trials, tragedy and misfortune, they get up, move on, they put smiles on their faces and triumph. I am having a hard time, what is the matter with me I do not have a clue, but I cannot seem to do the latter. Maybe it is time to do some real soul searching, to get quiet and try to get some healing. So this is my last post, I didn't really have much to offer anyway, it is hard to be uplifting when your downtrodden. Although there are those who are, and I admire them.