Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been thinking the last few days about what to write, and all that comes to me is comfort. Comfort means to come alongside of, to exhort, or to encourage. And according to the Bible, the comfort we receive, we are to give again to those who are suffering. Looking around me, there are so many who are suffering. I long to give "Comfort", to say the "Right" words, to lend a helping hand, and it seems like I just end up at a loss, for anything that is all of the above. Lately I have been on the receiving end of comforting, some has been so genuine, sweet and encouraging, I can just feel the love, and support whether in person, telephone or computer screen. Then there are others, that if I did not know the Father Above, I could not endure their comments. Even though I know that in their hearts they mean well. I want to be a "Titus" not a "Job's" comforter, that is my prayer. Please Lord, let me listen with an understanding heart, and to communicate with your love and wisdom. I ask the Lord to direct my prayers on others behalves, not what I think they""Need" but what HE knows they "Need", this action has been a real comfort to me, and effective.
My next quandry, is when I hear of someone in trouble, is just to "Fix It", and go through all the ends and outs, Well has this been done, or could you do that? I know in our particular situation, it is almost as people think your not quite bright. If you happen to have a problem, too complicated, or other peoples suggestions just won't work, they will either get angry or just disgusted and walk away. There are not many who will say with their actions, Hey I am in this WITH you for the long haul, and Will be there till the end. That is comfort, in a nutshell.
When one really thinks about it, what brings comfort ? Here is a list I have compiled:
1. God has proven Himself too me, I always know I can count on Him, when I am totally alone, He has made known to me His delivering, rescuing, power. He also communicates with me, His Holy Spirit Comforts me.

2. My family, my Mom, I learned kindness and how to comfort from her. She is a RN, who has a gift of comforting the ill, whether in mind or body. She is an optimist, to the end, and will not give up. Her motto being: where there is life there is Hope
My daughter Sara, whom besides my salvation, is God greatest gift to me. Her calm spirit, her generous nature, and her loving heart have absolutely ministered comfort to others and me as well.
My sister Kris, she doesn't say much, with words, but she makes it up in deeds, she is just one of those people , who can be counted on. She is kind and compassionate, she would help anyone, anywhere, and has helped me more times than I can name.
3. Fellow Christians, I am so glad to be apart of the Family of God, one can just tell, how we are bonded together, it is unseen, but yet so very real. How good it is to dwell in unity, what strength it imparts to have brothers and sisters in all walks in life, yet connected with one spirit.
4. Fellow farmers; only they can know, up's and down's of farming. They understand the little joys like a calf moving inside of it's momma's tummy, and the injustice of literally being robbed, not only of money, but strength, and love of animals and land. The spirit that hovers over most small farms or I should say, not factory farms is rare and precious, and gives comfort to those who are the caretakers and to those remember the farms in their histories.
5. As frustrating as they can be at times, my animals give me comfort: There are the little brown cows, who just grazing in the pasture, give me joy and comfort. God Bless the big brown eyes, and the snooty looks and "is that a open gate I see". The goats, Viv and Vash, are still my babies even though they are almost grown, I told Sara, if I am ever kid-napped, just turn out Viv and Vash, and Wally, and they will find me. That brings me to Wallace, a little dumped dog, who for some reason, attached himself to me. I told Sara, we are definitely not keeping that dog, and I did my best to ignore him for two weeks. Then I utterly crumbled, and he became my dog. He tolerates other people, but he loves me best. I do not know why ? It wasn't anything I did. When I was in the hospital, and couldn't eat, he stopped eating as well, when I started eating, so did he. When I am crying, he will bite at the feet of anyone who comes to see what is wrong. He thinks, I am special, and in turn, I think of him the same way. He has his funny little ways, and they bring me comfort. So I have rambled on, about comfort, but there are so many things we enjoy, but we also take comfort in. In heaven we will not need comfort, but on earth, I am so very thankful, God provided Comfort to His Children.


  1. Lots of truth you spoke there with some things to ponder. I love the way you speak of your family, Christian brothers/sisters, your farm and animals. I think that you've spoken from the heart into the heart of it. Sad that America has lost pieces of that. Sad that Christians have too. But what a blessing when it's spoken and heard. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They blessed my heart. I haven't been on the blogs much lately - been busy w/other things. Hope your tree is up and decorated and that you all are being blessed with "Showers of blessings". Jenn

  2. Dear Jen,

    I love your comments, thank you for your kind words. You have a gift of encouraging, and it is much appreciated. Yes the tree is up, Sara outdid herself, it is a beautiful tree, and we are really enjoying it. I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!! and a prosperous and Joyful New Year!! Kim