Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Rose in December

There are still roses blooming in December at our house, never ever has happened in all the time we have lived here, going on 33 years. There are the David Austin's, the old English, and Tea roses. They have been such a comfort, they remind me that God can work in unusual circumstances, His beauty in otherwise a bleak landscape. There are also the snapdragon's, who even though the cold wind blows, and the frost nips their petals, they keep blooming. Which is a reminder, to keep my eyes on the Son, so that I can still be a blessing, in less that ideal condition's.
My sister's birthday is tomorrow, she has been a Rose in December circumstances. She has helped shoulder a very heavy burden, never shirking her load, and trying to comfort the rest of us as well. I will never forget the day she was born. She was due Dec 1st, I was nine at the time, I came home everyday from school, so disappointed that my Mom was still home. Finally on midnight on Dec 6th, we had to go to the hospital, it was raining cats and dogs. Children were not allowed anywhere near the delivery rooms, so I waited in the Lobby Area, by myself, wouldn't think of leaving a child alone in these times. It wasn't too long before my Dad came, and announced I had a baby sister. I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself. He and I went home, I could hardly sleep. I got up early and got myself ready for school. That afternoon, my Mom called me and told me my baby sister's name, it was Kristina Jo, and I thought it was just perfect. I took care of my little sister quite a lot, in fact her first words were Hi! Sissy!, and later on after our Mom was divorced, she would slip up now and then and call me Mom. It was just the three of us in our little house. The first time we had ever known peace and freedom from such wicked oppression. Mom had to work and allot of the childcare and housework ect... fell on me, just like so many other families that have been affected by divorce. So I guess as sisters we share quite a history together. She is little but she is mighty, she can be counted on, she has a tender heart, and a temper as well. She loves horses, and she lost her beloved horse Smokey this fall, she has always been a Texan at heart. Her hobbies, are beading, reading, her room looks a a library, and her love of anything that flies. God Bless you my little sister, I pray, that your road will be smooth, and the One who sees in secret will reward you openly. Love Always, Kim

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  1. What a beautiful and difficult post. Happy birthday to your sister from me! There's something in that closeness that you all have that is hard to find.

    Love the new blog duds!